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Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant

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For over 10 years, Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant has been a magnet for Brisbanites seeking the vivid aromas and chilli flavours of Sichuan food. Whether you’re craving spicy, salty, sticky or sweet, the restaurant has it all. Think steaming chilli hot pots, sizzling Sichuan pepper laden stir-fries, live seafood ready to be picked and fresh crunchy Chinese salads. 

Encapsulating the authenticity of its homeland, Fortune Well offers traditional and contemporary Sichuan dishes that pack a punch. The chefs hail from the Sichuan province in South-West China, so they are experts at intermingling the taste, aroma and texture of Sichuan food. Sichuan cuisine is associated with fiery spices and peppercorns and Fortune Well does a fine job at creating the province’s much-loved dishes. 

Go with friends and order large – trust us, it’s worth it! Fortune Well have three private dining rooms, which are perfect for special occasions. When the dishes arrive, they’re crammed with flavour. Not just the hot and ‘numbing’ notes this regional Chinese cuisine is famous for, but a depth and complexity that shows off the chefs’ skills. 

Menu stand-outs include their deep-fried beef diced with crispy chilli – a mouth-watering dish made with tender meat that’s crispy on the outside, or try their stir-fried cumin lamb that’s uber fragrant and juicy. The restaurant is famed for its chef’s special fish fillets – a porcelain hot pot that’s filled with tender basa fillets that are marinated, boiled and served with a deeply flavoursome broth, hot oil, chilli and lots of Sichuan peppers.

To cool down your palate, the restaurant serves their unique asparagus lettuce slices salad with shallot slices, which is made from a Chinese vegetable that is very rare to find in Australia. The vegetable is thinly sliced, dressed and served as a very fresh, crispy and refreshing side to the main dishes. To finish off your feast, sink your teeth into Fortune Well’s handmade sweet sesame balls with red bean – they are a classic Chinese treat and are delicious. 

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Shop 42, Sunny Park Shopping Centre
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