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Sweet Desserts you MUST delve into during Lunar New Year

It’s a fact. No Lunar New Year celebration would be complete without delving into a dazzling array of traditional sweet treats. A big part of the Lunar New Year is food, and traditionally, sweet treats are consumed as tradition says it will help bring good fortune to diners for the coming year.

Nothing says celebration quite like feasting on decadent desserts. So if you want to embrace tradition and bring yourself some good luck for 2021, then make sure you sink your teeth into these drool-worthy puddings, cakes and sweets – enjoy!

mango pudding

1/ Mango Pudding

If you love creamy, fruity desserts that melt in the mouth, then make sure you order a Chinese-style mango pudding for Lunar New Year. This popular Chinese chilled dessert is traditionally made with fresh mangoes, cream, sugar and milk, and has a very distinct mango flavour and a light, fluffy texture. The chefs at Landmark, a restaurant known for its excellent Cantonese fare and boasting 20 years of history, create a delicious mango pudding that should be on your must-try list for the Lunar New Year. The dessert is packed to the brim with refreshing mango flavours and just the right amount of sweetness. One mouthful in and you’ll be ordering this dessert year round.
Landmark Restaurant, Shop 101, Sunnybank Plaza. P: 3344 3288

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2/ New Year Cake

We’ve all had our share of custard egg tarts for dim sum, but have you ever tried a sweet New Year Cake? The sweet star of Lunar New Year is undoubtedly the New Year Cake, and traditionally it is eaten or given to friends and family as it symbolises prosperity for the year ahead. The sweet cake is typically steamed and made with glutinous rice flour for a mochi-like chewy texture and sweetened with sugar. Sunnybank’s Parkland is creating the special Chinese cake for the Lunar New Year, so if you’re keen to delve into the traditional dessert and give yourself some good luck for 2021, then make sure you book your table. 

Parkland, Shop 38 Sunny Park, Sunnybank. P: 3345 4588

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sesame seed balls

3/ Sesame Balls

These bite-sized sesame balls tick all the right boxes – they’re sweet, nutty and deep-fried to perfection. Think balls of glutinous rice flour that are filled with sweet red bean paste and rolled in sesame seeds, then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. Yum! While the dessert can be found in Asian restaurants year-round, they are especially popular during the Lunar New Year as they are believed to expand your good fortunes – so they’re equal parts auspicious and delicious. You can discover this decadent dessert at Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant, where the chefs make each sesame ball by hand. Our top tip? Order more!

Fortune Well Sichuan Restaurant, Shop 42, Sunny Park Shopping Centre. P: 3345 6789

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fried dough 2

4/ Fried Dough Stick

Anyone who says breakfast is the most important meal of the day has obviously never had dessert. But what if you could combine the two? A comforting breakfast staple loved by many in China and Taiwan is the fried dough stick. Light, airy and deliciously chewy, the fried dough is typically served without sugar, but many do smother it in honey and roll it in icing sugar to give it that extra special sweetness. The street snack is eaten during the Lunar New Year celebrations as it represents family reunion and togetherness. Crowds flock to Sunnybank’s dessert haunt Hot Cake House regularly to indulge in their danish twists, their own version of  the Chinese dough stick. Think crispy and buttery dough fried and topped with sugar and cinnamon. Don’t forget to put on your comfy pants!

Hot Cake House, Shop 315-317 Sunnybank Plaza. P: 0413 868 667

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5/ Steamed Sponge Cake

Cake lover? Of course you are. Then make sure you sink your teeth into the fluffy goodness of Chinese steamed sponge cake. Typically found on dim sum carts year round, the sponge cake is especially enjoyed during Lunar New Year as the belief is if you consume the cake at this special time you will have an increase in wealth. The cake is typically soft, fluffy and moist with the flavour of vanilla or custard, but is also often flavoured with pandan leaves. You can find steamed sponge cake in restaurants across Sunnybank, but if you’re looking to treat yourself to a top-notch cake, head to Golden Lane. 

Golden Lane, Shop 109 Sunnybank Plaza. P: 3344 1361 Hot Cake House, Shop 315-317 Sunnybank Plaza. P: 0413 868 667

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