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Your go-to guide to eating Yum Cha during Lunar New Year

Despite the fact we love eating yum cha year round, we just can’t let the Lunar New Year celebrations pass without delving into one of our favourite foodie experiences. From succulent duck, to prawn dumplings, fried squid and sweet egg tarts – seriously, who doesn’t love getting their chopsticks into all different kinds of dim sum.

In the Cantonese-speaking regions of China, feasting on dim sum is typical for family get-togethers, milestones and special celebrations, and Lunar New Year celebrations is also one of them. Sunnybank has a vast choice when it comes to feasting on dim sum. So gather your friends and make that booking at these yum cha hotspots and kick-off the year of the ox with an incredible feast.

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Yum cha at Landmark is a must-have Sunnybank experience. The Chinese restaurant constantly pulls a crowd of hungry hoards across Brisbane who are eager to delve into it’s huge array of dim sum. There are over 100 different types of dim sum and we guarantee that your curiosity will peak everytime the wait staff bring a trolley with bamboo baskets filled with dumplings. Our fave? We always order their Shanghai pork dumplings – these tantalising dumplings are made from paper-thin dough skin that is filled with perfectly seasoned pork filling and hot, flavourful soup. When you take a bite, the soup fills your mouth to create a dreamy texture.

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Parkland Restaurant

Explore the depth and variety of Chinese flavours at Parkland, your go-to restaurant for quintessential Cantonese-inspired dishes. Along with mud crabs, lobsters and silver fish from the tanks, and juicy roast duck and barbequed pork from the hanging racks, Parkland’s chefs make all the hallmarks of China’s most widely exported cuisine, including Mongolian lamb, salt-and-pepper lobster tails, crispy skin garlic chicken, and chicken and cashew. The restaurant creates its own impressive style of Yum Cha, available both day and night. Ranging from BBQ pork buns to Chinese vegetarian steamed rice noodles to pig’s blood jelly and pan fried pork dumplings, Parkland has an impressive list of more than 80 different dim sum.

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Golden Lane

Indulge in authentic flavours at Golden Lane, one of the mainstays of Brisbane’s Chinese dining scene. The stylish restaurant is well-known for serving dishes that blend Eastern and Western cooking techniques to present a fresh taste of traditional Chinese food. Every day Golden Lane’s chefs create a lineup of incredible dim sum from BBQ pork buns to beef tendon to deep-fried taro dumplings and mango pudding. Don’t leave without tasting their pork ribs with black bean sauce – it is delicious!

A world of Asian flavour sensations awaits you!

Prepare to delight your tastebuds with all the flavours of Asia. With over 60 dining and entertainment options, Sunnybank Plaza and Sunny Park are an authentic Asian food experience like no other.

You’ll find an extensive choice of dining options including Chinese, Hong Kong style, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese cuisines.

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